8. December 2023

Now it’s time to put things away!

for the expansion of our foundry has been completed. Now it’s time to set up the newly acquired space optimally […]


6. December 2023

Hotly refined and lovingly packaged

Today, our employees were treated to a sweet treat in the form of roasted almonds to mark St Nicholas Day. […]


3. November 2023

Precise assembly: an important key step

In zinc and injection moulding production, assembly is a crucial step in the production process. Once the parts have been […]


25. October 2023

Construction site update: Moving (earth) mountains to cast parts

We are pleased to report that the extension to our foundry is progressing according to plan. In cooperation with HANS […]


20. October 2023

Facts Friday

We have 150 different moulds and tools available in our production. The installation and conversion of new tools takes up […]


7. September 2023

Care and accuracy

Our recipe for success is the careful and precise working method of all employees. Exemplified by the company management and […]


30. August 2023

Listed clinker brick building becomes new administration building

Not only is a lot happening in the area of outdoor facilities conversion, but also in the building conversion. In […]


24. August 2023

SAVE THE DATE | Late Shift Open Day

The lamps are out, but the light still burns. Once known as “Lampen-Tröger”, our history began back in 1978 with […]


23. August 2023

Outdoor break

Our employees can spend their breaks outside in the comfort of our covered seating area. Especially in summer, this is […]