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Florian Knöpfle has now been part of TSG for over 14 years. As the team grew, both the areas he managed and the responsibilities increased. As a trained industrial mechanic, he has always had a technical interest and understanding. Thus, Florian helped set up the first casting machines at our company.

Over the years, the production capacity expanded and with it the number of machines in this area. With each machine, further training and courses were added. So in the area of sprue calculations, hot chamber die casting technology, casting and thermal mold design, as well as the conception, design and layout of molds.

Meanwhile Florian is responsible for 3 injection molding machines as well as for 5 zinc die casting machines and leads 21 employees.

The installation and modification of new die casting tools takes up to 3 hours – depending on the size of the tool, which can weigh up to 2 tons. Temperatures of up to 440°C are reached in zinc die casting. Up to 15,000 parts are produced daily in his department.

Florian appreciates the versatility and the different fields of application in his job, the teamwork and the possibility to contribute to the production process by making detailed adjustments.

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