Bathrooms with high demands consist of extravagant products. These include fittings and controls with cool-touch effects and individual surface finishes. Such solutions are manufactured by us in-house according to customer specifications, starting from the raw part to the final surface coating.


Different manufacturing processes are used:

  • Metal die casting from zinc including punching deburring
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Grinding and polishing of metallic components
  • Electroplating of plastics and metals with different colours such as high-gloss or matt chrome – In addition, in combination with brushing processes, components can be partially provided with a matt stainless steel look.

what it matters

Each component is machined to perfection and checked during subsequent quality control. After all, our primary goal is to convince our customers of the high quality surface processing. We manufacture everything in-house, from the raw part, CNC processing, grinding and polishing, excellent chrome surfaces to assembly.

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