Troeger Surface Group
as continuously growing company


Change of name to TSG Troeger Surface GmbH & Co. KG

The founder of TLS, Mr. Gotthard Tröger, is leaving the company. TLS is merged into TSG.

The change of the name was not the only big event this year, also a generation change in the management level was imminent: Mr. Gotthard Tröger went into his well-deserved retirement and since then his son Alexander Tröger is leading the company. During this time, the focus changed from the automotive industry to a wide range of products from various sectors.


Inauguration of a further production hall for injection moulding

The portfolio was extended by the inclusion of the injection moulding process. For this purpose, three ultramodern injection moulding machines were added to the machinery and another production hall was built in the eastern part of the company. To continue offering everything from one source the electroplating process was expanded to plastics finishing. In this year the first projects with clients from the area of sanitary started.


Implementation of the Chrome III process for decorative surfaces

Our electroplating department has already been able to gain many
years of experience in electroplating with chrome(III) for the furniture
industry and continuously had expanded this competence. In 2013
we implemented an innovative process into the electroplating plants,
which went through an extensive testing procedure and could be verified
successfully. For the first time the new technology was presented
of TSG Group at the EUROGUSS in January 2020.


New die casting production hall

Another hall was built on the company‘ s premises and inaugurated
on November 9th. In the opened production hall three new zinc die
casting machines were located. In this phase the first project steps also
began with customers in the field of sanitary engineering.


Additional competence: Electroplating

The hitherto external customer decided to abandon the metal electroplating
subdivision. Thus the possibility arose to build up an
own department for electroplating. A new electroplating hall was then
built on a still vacant area of the company premises. New jobs were
created and parts of the production of the external electroplating service
provider including highly qualified employees could be taken over.


Shift of emphasis

Another partnership with the electroplating SMK in Oberlungwitz was established and also a new branch of production – the automotive industry.
It was possible to take over the preparation of the various parts for the refiner. Gradually, the focus was shifted to this. With higher order volume a CNC polishing machine was purchased in 2001. In the course of the next years this was extended.


Relocation and enlargement

His son, Alexander Tröger, also decided to take up the craft of belting/
metal sculpting and so plans could be made for the future. With increasing
numbers of orders, the limited space of the workshop in Güterbahnhofstraße
was no longer sufficient. A spatial change was inevitable and a suitable object was quickly found. The former Nowa Strumpffabrik in Bernsdorf had been empty since
1991 and could be bought from the Treuhand. The factory had the ideal
prerequisites: plenty of space and a solid structural condition. The statics
of the building: perfect for the heavy machines and tools.


Foundation of the Tröger Belt Mill

In 1978 Gotthard Tröger founded the Tröger Belt Mill in Lichtenstein/ Saxony. At t

Gotthard Tröger, who learned the craft of restoration and reproduction
of historical lights in the Lorenz belting mill in Grüna, founded 1978
his own belting mill on the Güterbahnhofstraße in the Saxonian
Lichtenstein. Everything began with the production of home lighting fixtures
in workshops which at that time were still located in the basement
rooms and in the garage of the building.