Grinding / Polishing / Degreasing

Grinding and polishing of metallic surfaces

Grinding, polishing and degreasing of cast raw parts is an important basic requirement for high-quality surfaces. In the field of grinding and polishing of metallic surfaces we have the following competences:

  • Wet vibratory grinding
  • Slide polishing
  • Ball burnishing
  • Use of CNC grinding and polishing centres
  • Use of a PER cleaning system

For optimum results in surface processing, we use CNC and special machines and special robots for deburring, grinding and polishing work. An all-encompassing production range is thus guaranteed for each of our customers. All machined products of the Troeger Surface Group are characterized by the following features in this process:

  • absolute freedom from burrs
  • superior fit
  • crisp contours
  • finest surfaces – process-safe zinc, aluminium and brass machining

Grease free down to the smallest detail

Once the surfaces of the raw parts have been ground and polished, the degreasing of the metallic surfaces follows in the surface treatment process as the most important basic requirement for the subsequent electroplating. The facilities of TSG Group:

  • comply with the latest safety and health requirements according to EC-guidelines
  • are based on surface treatment with perchloroethylene
  • degrease all metallic surfaces at temperatures from 20 degrees to 95 degrees
  • have a throughput of up to 5,000 parts per hour
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