surface technology

production of assemblies

We focus on assemblies such as door handles for the automotive interior. Different materials are used, with the majority of the individual components being manufactured in-house. Our core competence is the production of surface-processed, metallic components and plastic parts with subsequent galvanically applied, metallic surface finish.

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Construction and detailed planning, casting of plastic and metal, mechanical processing, surface finishing and assembly of assemblies, we all combine this at the TSG Group location in Saxony / Germany.

Engineering & Construction

An essential basic requirement in the process of surface processing is a high-quality construction of the individual products. The Troeger Surface Group processes all common data forms (Catia V4 and V5, IGS, Step) in its in-house construction department and accompanies the construction process from data input to measurement of the individual components.

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Alexander Tröger

Executive Director

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Thomas Busch

Head of Purchasing / Executive Assistant

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André Clausnitzer

Project Manager/ QA processes

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Jörg Tolkemit

Production Manager Polishing

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Florian Knöpfle

Production Manager Diecast

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Barry Barthold

Master Electroplating

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Mario Elsässer

Project Manager/ Distribution

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René Estler

Quality management

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Jasmin Winkler

Logistics/ SCM

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Stefanie Pönisch

Payroll and financial accounting

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Jeannette Stodola

Payroll and financial accounting

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